Sewing our Sanity

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Wardrobe Architect

Dear Monica,

I love clothes and I love making clothes.  But lately I feel like that is just it.  I have clothes.  But what I really want is a wardrobe.  I find myself buying pieces because I like them but with no real idea of what I am going to wear them with or how they will fit with my other clothes.  Then I often find I might wear them only once or twice because I just don't have the right thing to go with it.  (Jeans really don't go with everything.)

And I have way too much.  Things I don't wear but I have them because I might wear them one day or they just don't fit.  And I also feel like I fall into the "lazy mom" category because "I am just going to be home all day with the kids, why bother?"

So my mission this year, in an effort to have a wardrobe that I love and to pair down on all the excess stuff we have before we move, I am going to join in with Sarai from Coletterie and participate in The Wardrobe Architect .  Each week Sarai will post a topic about wardrobe planning that will include discussion or an exercise.  

Want to join me?