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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snow White Puppet Show Dress

Dear Monica,

Natalie very much likes to dress up, especially as a princess.  We are going to Disney World soon and I knew that she would want to dress up at the park.  But you can really only wear one of those cheapy dress up gowns for so long before they get annoying.  A while ago on Pinterest I saw how Jan had turned the Puppet Show dress by Oliver + S into Snow White's dress, so I made one for Natalie.

I followed Jan's tutorial to make the pleated sleeves.  I just wish that I had serged the edges of each sleeve pieces before I sewed them together, as they will ravel a bit.  But she loves it so much that she I couldn't even iron it before she put it on and kept taking it and trying it on as I was making it,  just to be sure it fit.  

As I was making the dress, I was contemplating what I would do for buttons.  I originally thought I would use two blue buttons and 5 yellow buttons so they wouldn't be too noticeable but that just seemed predictable and boring.  And I kept thinking there are 7 dwarfs and the dress needs 7 buttons.  Again, I turned to Pinterest and used this tutorial to make my own buttons out of Shrinky Dinks.

I absolutely love how they turned out and they really make the dress.  I didn't have the circle punch, so I just traced a spool of thread and I used a Sharpie instead of the Zig markers the tutorial suggests.

Here is a before and after of the buttons.  I used a circle that was about 1.5" in diameter and the button shrunk to about a half inch in diameter.  

And I added Snow White to the sleeves.

And now, she has something that she can wear all day at Disney and not be uncomfortable in.  She is one happy little girl.  



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  1. love it and love the little things that add to it like the shrinky dinks! Have fun!