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Monday, November 19, 2012

Quilted Jacket and Jumper

Dear Emily,

Two more days and we will all be home! "Home" being Mom and Dad's. I love the saying "Home is where your mother is." So true.

I am bringing a bunch of clothes for Natalie and Mikey, including this dress and jacket.
It is so hard to part with but it really does not fit Caroline anymore. She wore it yesterday for the last time. Sniff, sniff. I had such a good time making it and she looks so cute in it. Natalie will look just as cute I am sure!

I used this pattern by The Scientific Seamstress for the jumper. It is a great multi-size pattern and I have used it a number of times.

The jacket was the Natty Jacket from Pink Fig Designs

It is a quilted jacket, with the arms and body quilted before sewing it together and before the lining is added. I added the bird applique on the back to match the bird applique on her jumper. 

I made Caroline another one when she was two or three that we passed on to Natalie already I think.

She had just had a donut after church and was a little less than cooperative in letting me take her picture.

There was a leaf pile in the middle of the yard that she was just dying to jump in.

 And she is gone...
One last decently posed picture...

It is just too enticing...

And we are done taking pictures...


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  1. I LOVE that outfit. I think you also gave me the pattern for the jacket.