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Friday, November 2, 2012

Witches Brew Recipe

Dear Emily,

I promised you the witches brew recipe but first a little witch

and a ghost

and a ninja.

The witch's vest is made from a McCalls pattern, #5732.

 I made the petals pointed instead of round - more witchy. (plus easier to cut out) I made the tiered skirt our of organza following the directions in the September/October 2012 issue of Sew Beautiful. And I learned how to gather on the serger!

The ghost is just a mosquito netting circle with a hole and a hood.

The ninja was a karate guy for school and at the last minute I asked if he wanted a mask to be a ninja. I figured I could cut something out of a white knit, which I just happened to have, that would work. Instead of trying to invent the wheel, I googled "ninja hood" and found a bunch of DIYs that used a t-shirt and no cutting OR sewing. I used this one from the blog The Train to Crazy. I am certain this will be the most used costume accessory. It would be cool in black, red, or just about any color.

Now, the Witches Brew recipe. I made it with both Caroline's pre k class and Anthony's second grade class. I remember our mom making it for my class when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. I told the classes the recipe was really old, over 35 years old. There are 14 ingredients and 14 children in Caroline's class so there was one for each. Anthony's class has 32 so I split the ingredients up so everyone had something to contribute. I was so careful counting everything but still was short one. Anthony was a good sport and read the recipe to the class instead of adding an ingredient. 

Strawberry juice- red water
Moondust - lemon koolade
Powdered bat tongue- orange koolade
Ground jack-o-lantern-orange sugar
Bluebird juice-blue water
Dragon fingernails-lemon rind
Dragon teeth-lemon seeds
Pumpkin juice-orange water
Ground robin egg shells-blue sugar
Firefly juice-lemon juice
Rattley bones-ice cubes
Powdered lizzard livers-strawberry koolade
Swamp water-green water
Dandelion juice-yellow water

Each child had one ingredient and as we read down the list, they tried to guess if they had the correct ingredient. It is just three packages of koolade, three cups of sugar, and six quarts of water. For the colored sugar, I put a cup and a half in one zip lock bag and the other cup and a half in a second zip lock bag. I added a few drops of liquid food coloring and mixed it up until the color was even. It tasted like a gummy bear and looked like dirty paint water. The kids loved it!


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