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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vinyl B

Dear Emily,

I made this a couple of weeks ago but kept forgetting to send you a picture. It is a metal sign that looks like a giant bottle cap. There was a patchwork picture with a chicken, not really my thing, but it was on clearance at Joann's for a couple of dollars. I knew I could easily paint it and I envisioned our family's initial on it. Out came my Silhouette and black vinyl and after a little trial and error, it was quickly finished. The trial and error was this...the Silhouette was cutting off the mat. I wondered if I needed to calibrate it and looked on line for a how to. I found a post on Joy's Life where someone was having the same issue. I hadn't noticed this before, but when you cut without the mat, the machine says "load media." When you cut with the mat, it says "load cutting mat." Someone with little fingers must have come along and switched it the setting "load media." The moral of the story: when you need an answer, before you start messing with settings on something, google. Someone somewhere has surely had the same problem.


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