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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Dear Emily,

Happy Halloween! What a crazy busy week it's been and we are only half way through. Hurricane Sandy passed us with a lot of wind and dumping buckets of rain but we were lucky to have missed major damage and our power stayed on. School was closed for two days so I had to keep everyone occupied and sew Caroline's Halloween costume.

And make these treat bags for her class. And gather the ingredients for Witches Brew. I'll send you that recipe tomorrow.

I love your lamp! I think painting the base is the perfect touch, too. I have been looking for one ever since you found that one but haven't had any luck. Once or twice I saw one but they were too damaged. And your shoes! So cool! They are like TOMS.

Happy Trick or Treating! Can't wait to see pictures of your kids!




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