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Monday, October 8, 2012

"New" Dresser

Dear Emily,

I have a new dresser and vanity. Well, new to me anyway. All my life I have wanted a vanity but until recently I had no place for one. I found one on Craigslist for $40. And a matching dresser I had not intended on getting for another $40. Too good a deal to pass up!

This is the before. I love the shape of the legs and the height off the floor of the dresser.Oops, you can't see the legs of the dresser. Imagine the height off the floor of the dresser. And imagine the garage is not junky.

I sanded the flat surfaces with an electric sander and sanded the other parts by hand. Not tons of sanding, but enough to get rid of the build up on the finish that had accumulated over the years.

Choosing the paint color was not difficult...I fell in love with Behr's "Black Suede" when I saw it on this buffet on Infarrantly Creative way before I found the vanity.

I used my favorite Home Depot Behr paint with primer all-in-one. No need to prime, just a couple of coats of the paint. Though on something that gets a lot of wear, such as your front door, priming with Zinser or Kilz is a good idea. I have read recently that some people like to put polyurethane over top and I am thinking I will do that the next time I paint something in latex. I always let my furntire "cure" for a week or so in the garage before bringing it into the house. And so far everything has held up well without the poly on top.With the exception of the red buffet. That did have a poly on top. And it is holding up very well. And I just realized I still haven't sent you pictures of the final buffet. Oops. I'll get on that next week! Things have been crazy here the last two weeks and this weekend is not going to be any less crazy!

Anyway, back to the vanity and dresser...we rearranged some things in our bedroom to make room for the vanity and to make room for my new dresser, moved my old one to the boys' room. Now that needs a new coat of paint, probably ASCP Paris Grey. 

So here is my lovely vanity.

And its matching dresser. 

I love the simple shape and the little details, particularly on the legs.

A before and after of the handles:

I gave them a good cleaning with this

And then I decided to spray them off white.

 I love them both!



  1. I love them! Very elegant and the hardware is fabulous! Great color choice too.

  2. unbelievable what black does to completely change the mood of the pieces!

    hope you'll stop by and follow if you aren't already!