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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A "New" Front Door

Dear Monica,

I have been wanting to do something with our front door for quite a while.  There was nothing wrong with it.  Just a bit boring. Black to match the shutters.  And in our neighborhood there are several houses with tan siding, black shutters, and black doors.

Originally, I thought red.  But a red door would be lost next to the red brick and it would be quite hard to find the right shade.  The same with blue or green.  So I talked to Mom and Dad, and they suggested yellow.  I thought, perfect!  No one else has yellow and it is such a cheery color.  

When Mom and Dad were here, last week I picked up a few paint chips at ACE.  I taped them to the front door and Mom and I stood back to see which looked best and picked a shade that wasn't too orange.  I didn't want something that would clash with the red bricks.  I also searched Pinterest for yellow doors to get some ideas.  I found that most of the yellow doors had dark door knobs and white sidelites.  So that is what I decided to do.  I also decided to do it last week because Sam was gone and I was pretty sure that he would veto the idea of a yellow door. :)

I started by giving the door a good washing.  Then pained both the door and the sidelite with a single coat of Kiltz.  This probably wasn't totally necessary since the paint I used was a paint and a primer.  

Then I started with the yellow paint.  I used a semi-gloss exterior paint and a foam brush.  After 3 coats it looked like this.

The foam brush was just not covering enough so I switched to using a small foam paint roller, which worked much better.  In total, I put on 5 coats of the yellow paint.  Then Dad installed the new door handle.  

And here it is the "new" front door! 

I love it! It makes me smile every time I open it.  




  1. Looks like Young House Love's:

    I like it! I'd paint ours purple if it weren't for the HOA.... :(

    1. HA! That was one of the blogs I looked at for some inspiration. Darn HOAs. Luckily ours doesn't have any control over our front doors but I am sure they are talking about us behind closed doors.

  2. The yellow door is quite the head turner. It definitely gives life to the house. Yellow screams “Hey! I want your attention!” Good job. :)

    Keven Sumrell

  3. From the outside, your newly-painted door stands out beautifully! It gives your home a distinguishing feature that alters its overall look. How did you end up choosing that color, BTW?


    1. Thanks so much Marla! I wanted a different color and knew that red against the bricks wouldn't stand out enough. I had also read an article in Better Homes and Garden about choosing door colors and it suggested yellow if you want to make a bold statement. And that is just what I wanted, bold and cheery. Next up are those rocking chairs. I have lots of yellow paint left. :)