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Thursday, September 6, 2012

My "new" Duck Egg Blue China Hutch

Dear Monica,

A few weeks ago, I bought an old china hutch from a consignment store.  I needed something that I could put books in and that had some storage space at the bottom.  I searched and searched for something that was in the right price range and wasn't too ugly.

This is the top of the hutch.

And this is the bottom.

It is a nice solid piece and I liked the details on it and I knew that with a little love it could really be something beautiful.  I asked you for your thoughts and you gave me some great ideas in this post about painting furniture.

I made a trip to my Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint stockist and bought Duck Egg Blue and Old White paint.  Then I set about spending several days painting and painting in between Mikey's naps and a few times while he played in the play pen.  After a coat of clear wax I am happy to say, it is finished and in the house!

Isn't she purrrty?

She goes quite nicely with my little rocking chair.  I painted the bamboo accents and hardware in old white.  This was quite tedious because I did it by hand and then had to go back and touch it up but I really love how it all turned out. 

I wanted our books and knickknacks to stand out and not be lost in the dark, so I painted the inside in Old White.  I love that I have a place for my collection of frogs.  




  1. I love that! Great color choice, and the trim! Beautiful, really :)

  2. Crazy gorgeous. I finally got to see Duck egg blue in person and it is even more beautiful than I had thought. I love the detail on the "bamboo". Can't wait to get a quart of it myself!


    1. My husband was very resistant to the Duck egg blue. I am so glad I didn't listen to him! It is gorgeous in pictures but you are right, you have to see it in person.

  3. Beautiful! I am in the process of painting a dresser for our daughter's nursery in duck egg's a lovely color. You have inspired me to add some white details, too. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. So happy to see this, I just bought duck egg too and now I am really excited to us it..great job

  5. This is such a beautiful piece! Hope you don't mind if I share it in my post tomorrow. Great makeover!