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Friday, September 7, 2012

Fabric Book Cover

Dear Emily,

I love, love, love your china cabinet. It is absolutely fabulous! I have been working on some furniture painting this week and hopefully by next week I will be ready to send you some pictures. This back to school stuff is killing me! Second grade is harder than first! Do you have to cover workbooks with contact paper? That takes forever...I dread when I have three sets to cover instead of one. This year there was a hard back book to cover with a book cover. I was just going to cover it with brown kraft paper and let Anthony decorate it but then I had a brainstorm. Why is it that brainstorms are usually not the easy way? I decided to try a fabric book cover instead. Yes, crazy you are thinking. With all the paper back books to cover in contact paper, umpteen forms to fill out, and trying to get everyone into a routine, why? 

Anthony had begged me to buy this fabric for him awhile ago and I had yet to find something to make for him out of it. He is seven, getting beyond the age where it is cool to wear something your mom made. 

I measured the book as you would to make a paper cover added half an inch to the length and one inch to the width. (1/4" seam allowance all around and another 1/4" for sewing the flaps down) I cut two peices with this measurement, sewed them inside out - leaving an opening for turning, turned right side out and pressed the piece. I folded each long end back on itself and sewed to make a pocket for the front and back cover of the book. Clear as mud? Maybe these will help.


P.S. I am so excited we finally signed up for the Southern Bloggers Conference. We have lots to do to get ready for it the least of which is made business cards!

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