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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family Summer Bucket List

When summer starts, there always seem to be so many things we would like to do but before we know it, the summer is gone. Last summer when I first started persuing Pinterest, I saw several summer bucket lists. Like this one on the blog Home Stories A 2 Z. And this one from the Happy Family Movement. We were probably already halfway through the summer at that point so I tucked the idea into the back of my mind - and pinned them on one of my Pinterest boards. So before summer starts this year, we put our family summer bucket list together. I borrowed the idea for ours from Delia Creates since I already had both the bucket and clothespins. We sat down and thought of some things we would like to do and wrote them on clothespins. We need to get some more clothespins because we ran out of clothespins before we ran out of ideas! The clothespins are clipped to the rim of a metal bucket I found a while ago in that fabulous dollar isle at the entrance of Target. 

Over the summer, as we complete each activity, we will put the clothespin in the bucket. 

Come on summer!


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