Sewing our Sanity

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monster Britches

About a year and half ago I found this tutorial for diaper covers from MADE.  I have used it many, many times to make a diaper cover for various outfits I have made Natalie.  It is a fantastic pattern and tutorial and is a perfect fit.

But my favorite thing that I made with this pattern are Monster Britches.  I actually made these particular ones for Gabe when he was a baby and now Mikey can wear them.  The green and blue ones  are cotton and the yellow and red ones are fleece.  

To make these I fused and appliqued the felt faces onto the britches after I sewed the front and back pieces together before I made the casings.  They make a great baby gift and always bring a smile to everyones face.  They sure brought a smile to this guys face.



  1. I love that last picture the best!

  2. Me too. He is growing up too fast. sniff sniff