Sewing our Sanity

Friday, May 18, 2012

Patio furniture redo

Last summer my parents gave me this patio set for my birthday. 

It really wasn't much to look at but is had a lot of potential and it is very solid.  It had been white at some point and then painted green, and not very well.  Somewhere along the way, the glass top had been broken and replaced with a piece of plywood painted green to match the chairs and table.  The chair seats and back were covered with some awful decorator fabric that was not meant for the outdoors.  

To start the transformation I removed all the seats and seat backs.  Then, I knocked off some of the pealing paint with a sander and washed the table and chairs.  When it was dry I painted it with this:

It gave the set the look of black hammered metal.  It went on very thick with a foam brush, so I only needed one coat and it dried very quickly.  It also comes in a spray and several different colors.  

Then, I covered the seats and seat backs with oil cloth.  I wanted something that could be cleaned easily and hold up well in the outdoors.  I debated a long time about what to do with the table top.  I thought about tiling it or getting a piece of glass cut.  But then I decided that the easiest, cheapest thing to do would be to cover the plywood top with oil cloth.

I am very happy with the finished results and it adds a lot of cheeriness to our deck.