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Friday, June 29, 2012

Babyville diapers

Dear Monica,

I am slowly whittling down my list of projects and I finally got around to a project that I have been wanting to do for weeks now. I used Babyville's line of polyurethane laminate or PUL to make some diapers for Mikey.

You can purchase the fabrics by the yard or in precut assorted packages.  I used this Dinos and Monsters package to make my diapers.  I really love the monster fabric, it is my favorite.  Babyville also has FOE (fold over elastic), coordinating snaps, labels, and appliques to customize your diapers.  They also have a fabulous book with directions and patterns for making ten different types of cloth diapers. The directions are easy to follow with step-by-step color pictures and lots of tips on how to customize each type of diaper to get the best fit for your baby.  They also have a blog with even more helpful tips. I found directions on their blog on how to get 2 diapers out of each 21" x 24" PUL cut!  

I made 4 different types of diapers for Mikey. The first one I made was a basic pocket diaper with FOE and micro suede (the fabric that wicks moisture away from the baby's body).  I choose snaps for all the diapers I made because my experience with velcro is that it just doesn't hold up.

This diaper fit him very well but I felt like it need a little more protection in the leg area.  No problem!  I just used the directions to add gussets 

and a super cute label!

I also made a pocket diaper, that was turned and top stitched and had leg elastic. A perfect fit for his chunky thighs.

And I made an AIO (all in one) diaper with a sewn in soaker and an adorable Dino label on the wing.

These diapers make a great addition to our cloth diaper stash and the prints are so cute.  I will be making more of these, maybe with this monkey and owl package.

And I have to say this little chunk looks awfully cute in all those new diapers!

He can't decide if his thumb is for chewing or sucking but either way he is just too cute!  



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