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Monday, June 4, 2012

Teacher Thank You Gifts

It is hard to believe that the school year is coming to an end. Looking back, the time has just flown by! Caroline's first year of preschool was rough the first few weeks. She began most school days with some tears and a nervous stomach. Often when she hugged me goodbye at the classroom door, her eyes would tear up and I could tell she was really trying to hold back the tears. 

It was bittersweet the day, several months ago, that she forgot to hug me goodbye when I dropped her at her classroom. Since the beginning of the school year, when I tucked her in at night, she would ask if the next day would be a school day (she just goes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings) and she was happy when it wasn't. Several months ago that changed and she was sad if it wasn't going to be a school day. Several weeks ago on a Wednesday evening I said, in an excited tone, "you don't have school tomorrow, you get to stay home with me all day!" She replied, with a little too much teenage drama for a four year old, "and it is going to be boring!" I think she even rolled her eyes.

I wanted to put together a little thank you gift for her teachers with Caroline. We found cute striped pots at Michaels and planted lantana plants in them I made a tag for them on my Silhouette. I tied the tag to the pot with white twine and Caroline made a card for each teacher.

 Caroline was not ready for the year to be over and asked me if I could made it "not stop." When I told her that the tag would say "Thank You for helping Caroline bloom" she said, "no, I think it should say, "today is a sad day because it is the last day of school."

And bloom she did! What a terrific year with two wonderful teachers!


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  1. I just might have to do this for Liam's teachers.