Sewing our Sanity

Monday, June 25, 2012

Men's shirt and tie refashion

Dear Monica,

Often I see things on Pinterest that I would love to make and never get around to it. But the other day, I saw a really cute shirt and thought, "Hey that wouldn't take too long and I already have everything I need."  So, in about 15 minutes, I whipped out a super cute shirt for myself using an old dress shirt of Sam's and a tie.

I cut the sleeves off the shirt and then cut straight across the top of the shirt just below the second button. 

Then I serged the armholes and the top. 

Then I had to go outside and see what the kids found in our playhouse.

It was a green rough snake, which is totally harmless.  I have to say that I HATE snakes and they really give me the creeps, but for some reason this one wasn't so bad. The kids were thrilled to see it and Natalie kept saying, "Him cute Mom!"  I wouldn't go that far but he was pretty neat.   

Then, back inside and back to work on my shirt.  I turned the armholes under 1/4 in and stitched them in place and then turned the top down 1 1/2" and stitched to make a casing.  If you don't have a serger, turn the armhole edge under 1/4 " and then another 1/4" and turn the top casing under 1/4" and then 1 1/4".

Then I treaded the tie through the back casing and around through the front in a loop and tied the two ends together.  A perfect summer top.


  1. Adorable! (The shirt) I'm with Natalie - I think the little green snake is borderline cute. :)