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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Behr Paint Love

Dear Emily,

Not much sewing has been going on around here. Though I did manage to clean the stuff of my sewing desk that has been accumulating on and beside my machine. I wonder sometimes if we should have called this blog "What I Was Doing Instead of Sewing," or something like that. I am in the middle of painting and switching the kids' rooms. We have done this twice in the five+ years we have lived here and I swear we are never going to switch again! Anthony and Caroline have been sharing the smaller blue and red room while Gabe has been in the green room which has doubled as a nursery and guest room. Caroline will now be in the smaller room and it is going to be pink and girly but not to frou-frouie, something that will grow with her. [She wants to paint it herself. I told her that my mom let me paint my room my whatever color I wanted when I was 16. I told her she could do the same when she is 16.] When Anthony was told we were switching rooms and they were going to be repainted, he quickly declared he wanted purple. Yep. Purple. Dark purple. For his dad's high school alma mater, where he now teaches. And eagles, the mascot. No way was I going to paint the entire room purple. The back wall is purple, Darkest Grape. The other three walls are Ashes and the trim is Cotton Knit. All three are paint and primer all in one by Behr. I love their paint. It covers so well. I did have to do two coats of the purple but one coat of the gray was all it needed. Here are a couple of before shots.

 Ignore the messy bookshelf.
All of the furniture in this room will go into the soon to be pink room. Except the crib. 

You will have to wait for a couple of days to see the semi-finished results.  I will still need to hunt down some eagles and the beds will need new spreads/quilts and the window needs curtains. Blackout curtains. Those boys get up too early! My to-do list keeps growing! And so does the pile of laundry. At least it is all mostly clean, just need to fold it!


PS. Do you have any good ideas for quick quilts for the boys? Purples and grays. Maybe a touch of green, white, or yellow.What do you think? 

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