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Friday, July 13, 2012

Bitty Baby Swimsuit

Dear Monica,

Just in the last week, since giving up her Chi-Chi (aka pacifier), Natalie has taken a real interest in her Bitty Baby that Santa brought her.  She took it to church with her on Sunday carrying it in her arms like a new baby, and telling us all to be quiet because her baby was sleeping.  She has been taking it to bed every night and nap time, and asking me to change her clothes.  The American Girl catalogue came in the mail this week and she pointed out to me all the things that she wants to get for her baby.

So, this morning we were talking about our plans for the day and I mentioned that we were going to go meet Daddy at the beach this afternoon for a party.  So instead of getting dressed we were going to just go ahead and put on our bathing suits.  Natalie got her suit on and then said, "My baby doesn't have a swimming suit.  She needs a swimming suit."

So I quickly drafted a pattern for a tank suit, by tracing Bitty Baby's body.  I cut it out, sewed it all together and put it on Bitty Baby.  It looked ridiculous since Bitty Baby has soft joint on her arms and legs!  (The suit available for Bitty Baby on American Girl is a tank suit so I thought it would look fine.  WRONG!)  Natalie was thrilled with it, but I was not.

So, while we were at the beach, the wheels were turning and thinking about ways to make a suit for Bitty Baby that wouldn't show the soft joints.  And when we got home, I made this for her Bitty Baby.

A swim skirt and rash guard.  Much better. 

I have plans to put a cute, little, orange crab on the front but our internet was out for a few hours this evening, so I couldn't download one from Silhouette.  I will just have to do that tomorrow.  I need to get some more bathing suit material and make another one and a matching suit for Natalie.  


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