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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Washers as Pattern Weights

Dear Emily,

I absolutely LOVE your key chain. I am going to steal the idea for Paul's birthday in a couple of months. (Shhh. Don't tell!) I looked on Amazon for on and found several right away. You are right, they are way cheaper. This one was $12.70 and there were a couple even cheaper. I like the wooden box these are in and shipping is free with my Amazon Prime.


This is what I do with washers:

Pattern weights. I stopped using my old folding cardboard cutting board quite awhile ago and use my cutting mat instead. Remember those cardboard cutting boards? Just in case you don't, let me refresh your memory:

It really must be a dinosaur. That is the only image I could find on the 'net. I just can't seem to part with mine. What if I need it for something? In the meantime, it resides in the coat closet under the stairs and the kids get it out occasionally to use for a fort.

Maybe that is why I can't part with it? Instead this is what I use for a cutting surface:

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Pattern weights. With the old cardboard cutting board I just stuck pins in the pattern piece to hold it to the fabric. Can't do that with a cutting mat. Enter the washers. I got the heaviest ones and they are about two inches in diameter. I have seen some wrapped in ribbon but I left mine plain. I think I may decoupage mine one day when I have nothing else to do (ha!) like the necklaces in this tutorial.

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