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Monday, July 16, 2012

Stamped Washer Keychain

Dear Monica,

I had been planning this project for Father's Day but then we all got sick with some horrible virus and I didn't get it done.  So this week, I made it for Sam's birthday....a key chain with all the kids' names stamped on it.

I bought washers in a variety of sizes at Lowes.  I bought more than I needed because I had read that I would waste a few practicing. 

 I used my Making Memories punch set, that I bought at Michael's a while ago to stamp on clay.  I think my set was about about $20 but I have seen other sets that are far cheaper.  Mine is a letters and number set that came with a small mat and a setter. 

The setter is the metal rod that holds the letters and numbers for placement.  I ended up not using it because I found that I didn't have enough control over the hammer, causing the stamp to "jump" all over the washer.  I also found that taping the washer to the mat, provided more stability.  Another tip is to do this outside (it is loud...shhhhh didn't want to wake up Mikey) and I needed to do it on a hard surface with no give, like my concrete front porch or drive way. 

Once I had the kids' names stamped around the washers I colored the letters with a black Sharpie being sure to get in all the grooves and wiped off the extra with a baby wipe.

Then I wrapped the two washers together with some wire and added a key ring.  The kids' were really excited about this project and Jack insisted that I make him his own keychain with his name and he taught himself to write his name by looking at it.  Of course I had to make one for Natalie and Liam too.  Secrets are hard to keep and Jack tried really hard by telling Sam, "Mom made you a great birthday present.  It is NOT a keychain!"  


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