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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

RIT dye

Dear Monica,

I have this great hat that I have had for about ten years.  I love everything about it except the color.  It just doesn't match anything.

So, I thought I would dye it.  I bought some navy blue RIT dye.

I put 3 gallons of hot water, the bottle of dye, and a cup of salt into a large bucket.  Put the hat in and made sure it was completely covered with the water.

I left it in the dye for an hour, making sure to stir it so the dye would be even. After the hour was up I poured the dye down the sink and rinsed the hat with cold water until the water ran clear.  

Do you want to see the finished hat?

Yep!  Complete and total failure!!  The hat is a cotton/polyester blend so it should have retained at least some dye. I did successfully dye my hand and the paint stick.


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  1. You need to try the Tulip brand dye. It worked great on the shirt I dyed purple to use in Caroline's dress. While it was an all cotton shirt to begin with, the dye did work better than RIT. I've never had a lot of success with RIT.