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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Watermelon Pants Set

Dear Emily,

I finally had a chance to take pics of Caroline in the outfit I finished for her this week.

I have had the pattern for awhile, as well as the fabric. I have a fabulous quilt shop nearby, Tomorrow's Treasures with a great section of heirloom sewing supplies and fabric.

I used this pattern (view A)...

I have had the material and the pattern for about a year, I am embarrassed to say. Too many things on my "to sew" pile! The pattern was pretty easy, especially the pants. The seams in the pants were sewn with French seams so there is a nice tailored look. On the inside. Where no one can see.

I made the piping for the top with the same material I used for the pants. I could not find buttons for the top in the right shade of pink so I bought a covered button kit and made covered buttons from the same material I used for the pants and piping.

They were not hard to make but the thingamajig that you put the button in to hold it while you press the shank on doesn't work so well. If I wasn't careful, the parts would slip and go together crooked. I did use the "tools" that came with the kit to get the pieces set together but had to take the assembled button out of the white part to get in pressed together tightly.

The color looks funny on here, more of an orange than pink. Honest, it really is pink.

I love the side buttons. The bottom button is almost at her waist so the rest of the left side is open. I would definitely use this pattern again but for a fall/winter outfit, making the pants long and adding long sleeves to the top.

Another outfit Natalie gets one day!



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  1. I LOVE it!! I can't wait for Natalie to have it. You must have had me in mind when you bought that fabric.