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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sailor pants

Dear Monica,

A while ago I posted about this outfit I made for Natalie.

But I wanted to show you the pants.  They are my favorite thing I have made in a long time and she wears them a lot.  And they are super cute.

I used a pattern I had for a pair of pants that have an elastic waste.  I made them in a capri length and then I did something very special with the waste band.  Instead of a full elastic I only added elastic in the back.  I folded the front of the waste band over to make two 1in pleats about 2.5in from the front seam.  Then I made 4 fake button holes (2 on each side) and sewed buttons on top.  This gave them the appearance of having a button flap on the front without all the work of buttoning them up.  

I love the look and the comfort of these pants so much I will just have to make her a pair for winter.  Maybe in a denim or a corduroy.



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  1. I have a nice denim I want to upcycle from a pair of pants. These pants would look so cute in this fabric, but long with a flair.