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Monday, August 6, 2012

Boat shirts and seersucker pants

Dear Emily,

I have had a cute pattern for boys' shorts since last summer. It is a Burda pattern and I had never used one their patterns before. Mostly because they are never on sale for .99 in Joann's. I had heard Burda patterns were difficult to use but I didn't think so, it was just a little different though I would not recommend one for a first attempt with a sewing pattern.

This is the pattern:
These are the pants, in a dark gray seersucker:

They are the midcalf length ones, like the pair on the left, and I had planned on using elastic cording in the hems with cord stops but Anthony vetoed that. That was ok with me - I wasn't sure if it would make them look "girly" for a seven-year-old but I do think they are cute with the cords.

For the pocket piece on the front and the back, I cut the fabric so the stripes are horizontal while the rest of the stripes are vertical. I liked the pattern and would definately use it again. I really liked the way the waistband went together. The next time I make a waistband, I'll take pics and send you a how-to.

I used the Silhouette to stencil boats on shirts. Since we were at the beach with the boys' 10 year old cousin Nate (on Paul's side), I made him one, too. Three different boats for three different boys.


Gabe's cheesy smile. Really. He says "cheese" when the camera comes out. And makes not much of a real smile. We need to work on that.

Nate's boat. I used Tulip screenprinting ink. I'll tell you about that in another letter. It is fantastic!

I would lend you the pattern but I know I will be using it again!



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