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Monday, August 20, 2012

Slip covered lounge chairs

Dear Emily,

When we lived in our townhouse, I bought two metal framed folding lounge chairs for our newly landscaped postage stamp backyard. Those lounge chairs are still comfortable but the cushions are awfully faded and worn and the frame is faded and starting to rust. And whenever we leave them out, the birds always poop on them. I didnt really want to get rid of them if they could be salvaged. My first thought was to take the cushions off and spray paint the frame. And to recover the cushions. After inspecting the chairs closer, I found that was impossible because the cushions were bolted to the frame.

Having read several places, including on a can of spray paint, that you can spray paint fabric, I tried to spray paint the whole chair. I stopped after a minute. Not only would it take a gazzilion cans of paint, it wasn't the look I was going for. It made it look like vinyl. Or spray painted fabric.

Instead, I sprayed the frame pink and made a ruffled slip cover. Paul was not real crazy about the pink. I am not sure myself why I chose it, but nothing else was appealing the day I picked it out.
I had a drop cloth already bleached for something else so I used that (and, besides, I couldn't remember what I had originally planned on using it for). The off white skirt on one of the chairs is made from our old bed skirt and the white and blue skirt on the other I found at Goodwill.

It was a quick project, probably took me all of three hours. I am looking forward to many afternoons one of the lounge chairs while the kids are playing in the backyard after school.

In the end, Paul did admit they were comfortable despite the girliness. Maybe that inspired him to do such a good job on the watermelon basket he carved and filled for our party Saturday.

We had a party this weekend with Mom's BBQ recipe, Andrew and Lora's cole slaw recipe, your quinoa salad recipe, Margaret's dressing recipe, my mother-in-law's delicious pasta salad and lots of other yummy dishes and desserts. Including the most amazing eclair cake. Oh, and a moon bounce. What did y'all do this weekend?



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  1. I love your lounge chairs!

    We didn't do much this weekend. Friday night we roasted marshmallows and the kids and Sam camped out. Saturday I ran a half marathon. And Sunday we tried to go to a water park but got rained out. The good news is they gave us free tickets to come back.

  2. These look absolutely beautiful and so inviting to come and lounge awhile! Love them!

  3. Thanks! They were fun to make and fast with the serger.

  4. Looks like someone is really enjoying these beauties! I have been looking for one forever! I would be delighted for you to share this at Potpourri Friday, in progress!

  5. Hi! I'm stopping back by to say thank you for sharing your gorgeous project at Potpourri Friday! Hoping you will make it a weekly or regular party stop!

    I'm following you & hope you will too!