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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome Home!

Sam came home from a 5 month deployment at the end of January, just 3 days before Mikey was born and to a house full of family.  Not exactly the welcome home we were planning but what can you do when you are having labor pains?

After the dust had settled a bit and he was unpacking his gear in the garage he discovered this

He came into the house and asked what in the world this ugly piece of furniture was doing taking up room in his garage.  I informed him that I had purchased it at the thrift store and I was going to put it in our bedroom so I would have something to rock the baby in but I just hadn't gotten around to it yet (you know how it goes). He looked at me and my 38 week baby belly and said, "Can I take it back?"

"NO! " I said, "I paid $25 for it!!" I knew I would eventually get around to recovering it!

Well, I finally did in between naps, feedings and new baby snuggles.

I was originally going to paint the wood but decided that I liked the wood tone and it was in good shape and the little bit of scarring just added to its character.  Since the back was tufted I added some batting to the chair back before making the cover.  I had been eyeing this fabric from Hancock Fabrics for a long time and just didn't have the place (or piece of furniture) to put it on.  I was thrilled to find it and at 50% off!  If you are looking for a great tutorial on making slip covers then check out this series from Miss Mustard Seed it really takes the intimidation out of the process. 

I just love my "new" rocking chair and it makes a nice addition to our room and I love having a place in our room to rock my babies in.  


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