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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Berry fun!

Natalie is a very active little girl and her legs are generally covered in scraps and bruises, but she still loves her dresses and her skirts.  I wanted her to have something that she could wear for playing but that  would be a bit more dressy than shorts.  I was inspired by these simple skirts from MADE. So quick, simple and very customizable.  

I chose this adorable green and white seersucker embroidered with strawberries and got to work making a skirt and since it was so quick and easy to whip up, I made one for Caroline too!  For the top, I used my Silhouette to create a stencil and Martha Stewart craft paint to lightly pounce the paint onto the shirt with a brush since I wanted more of a screen printed effect.  

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  1. So cute! I will take Caroline's picture with her outfit on later this afternoon.