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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Plain closet door to chalkboard

In the kitchen we have a short and skinny door to a closet under the stairs.  A boring short and skinny door. But it is a Harry Potter closet. 

Of course the angel Gabriel made by my 1st grader, Anthony, was anything but boring. That I saved in the overflowing file box of school papers. What am I going to do with all of that stuff? 

 I decided to jazz the door up a bit with some chalkboard paint in a fun color. First I used magnetic paint. It was very sticky and there was a big glump in the can. I stirred and stirred but the glump would not budge.  I took it back to the store to have it mixed at the paint counter in the paint can shaker. The glump (is glump a word? if not, it should be because it was not a clump but definitely a glump) was still there after getting mixed several times. I swapped it for a new can and had the girl at the paint counter mix it well and then I went straight home and used it right away. Open a window - it is stinky stuff! I followed the instructions on the can and painted 3 thin coats with a small foam paint roller.

Once the magnetic paint was dry, I painted three thin coats of this chalkboard paint, tinted in "peapod." 

I put chalk and a rag in a little tote from Target's dollar section. Who else can't go into Target and not stop at the dollar section? 
All three kids love it and there is always a line of chalk dust right under the edge of the door. No big deal - it just means they are using it and my work has paid off. 

I can not find a regular chalkboard eraser anywhere! Okay, maybe not anywhere, but at least not at Walmart or Target. We have a brand new Big Lots opening today, maybe I'll find one there.

Apparently "glump" is not a word. Spell checker wants me to change it to clump or grump. If ginormous can be a word, so can glump.


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