Sewing our Sanity

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

This week is Kids Clothes Week Challenge  at Emily and I are up for the challenge - to sew for our kids for one hour a day for seven days. I have a pile of fabric and patterns and ideas in a bin by my sewing machine. (Well, the ideas are not in the bin - they are knocking around in my head. I think that if they were all written down the list would be too overwhelming.) I know Emily has a bunch of stuff she wants to get busy working on. Making ourselves set aside an hour each day will help whittle down our lists of things to sew but it will be a challenge to find that one hour each day. Nap time will probably be the time. Not bedtime. By then I am often too exhausted to sit at the machine and sometimes when I do, I end up with too many seams that need to be resewn. I often save sewing buttons on or finishing a hem for the evening when I can sit with the hubs and watch some tv and unwind. Sometimes I will cut out a pattern or knit. I recently learned to knit and my first finished knit project was a purple hat for Caroline. By finished, I mean one that I did not rip out several times and start over or abandon. I only restarted this hat once. I think I did pretty well except for the button hole that is not supposed to be above the brim.



  1. I am thinking that I may have to set aside my time for bedtime. Naps are crazy and sporadic here these days. I fear that Natalie is giving up the nap but she (and I) still needs it.

  2. Yeah, hubs sounds better than "hubby."