Sewing our Sanity

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Birth of a Baby and a Blog

Last June when I was visiting my sister Emily, she had just found out she was expecting. I was there for a week with my three children and we spent the week entertaining her three and mine. In between we chatted about sewing and crafting and even found a little time to do some sewing. I don't remember what, except that we taught our cousin, Anne-Marie, how to make a skirt.

We are always bouncing ideas off each other, sharing projects and ideas, and looking to the other for inspiration. The internet has provided a wealth of ideas for both of us and we have become avid blog readers and Pinterest posters. During our July visit we decided we could start a blog. While the baby gestated, so did our blog. Since the baby arrived in early February, it is time for our blog to arrive as well. (Plus, our husbands are getting tired of hearing "we should put that on The Blog.)


  1. Yay!! I'm happy for the long awaited B-O-B,birth of the blog! Great picture!