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Friday, April 27, 2012

Linen, Lace, and Camouflage.

Years ago I bought a gorgeous linen shirt from Eddie Bauer with inset lace.  I never really wore it because I found the fit to be too short waisted and boxy, but I just couldn't part with it.  It has been sitting in my stash of clothes to up-cycle for a while now and I always envisioned making Natalie something from it.  This weeks Earth Day Challenge at Project Run and Play was the perfect opportunity.  So, I made Natalie an a-line tunic.


I used this bodice pattern and extended the length and widened the sides into an a-line shape.  I used the shirts existing front buttoned placket and the hem (less sewing!) and sewed the front and back pieces together at the shoulders and side seams.  I made a pattern for a cap sleeve, and cut the sleeves out with the shirts existing lace running around the bottom edge of the sleeve and sewed the sleeve to the tunic.  It needed a little embellishment so I embroidered some lazy daisies following the shape of the the neck line.

She needed something to wear with her new tunic so I made her some shorts using a pair of her daddy's cammies using Oliver and S's puppet show shorts.  I had to take off two pockets and fussy cut the pattern pieces to fit over an existing seam to make them look "military".  I used the two pockets I removed instead of making new pockets, I cut them to shape leaving the existing top edge and button and sewed them in place. These particular cammies happen to be called FROG or Flame Resistant Operational Gear.  I removed the label from a shirt and sewed it to the back of the shorts just under the waist band. 

 I love the feminine details of these shorts.  If I had just made a regular pair of shorts she would look like she was wearing shorts meant for a boy.  And best of all she loves them and calls them her "Daddy shorts".  

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