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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bunny Grabbit

When you have a fourth child and that child is your third boy, you really have everything you need.  All the clothes and all the equipment. But everyone likes something new and something all their own.  Our mom made these bunnies for us when we were little and the tradition carries on.  When Liam (my oldest) was born she made him a red gingham one and my husband immediately started calling it a Bunny Grabbit because the legs and arms are just perfect for tiny fingers to grasp.

These bunnies take very little fabric and little time to whip up.  So go raid your scraps and lets get started.  You can download the pattern here

In general, I think that small prints and ginghams work best.

Cut two pieces of fabric about 6"x9".  On the wrong side of one of your pieces trace the bunny pattern with a pencil or disappearing ink pen.

Now, pin your two pieces right sides together and sew on your traced line leaving a 2" opening on one side of one leg.

Cut your bunny out about 1/8" from your stitched line and clip where shown in the photo.

Now, turn your Bunny Grabbit right side out.  Go slow starting with the feet.  I like to do my turning with a chop stick.

Press the ears.  Cut 2 ear linings from white felt and pin them to the pressed ears.

Slowly sew the ear lining close to the edge.

Now, stuff your Bunny Grabbit.  You don't want to stuff it too full but just enough to make it squeezable.  Then sew your opening shut.

Pin the mouth and eyes to your bunnies head and sew them on with a blanket stitch.  Embroider a mouth and eyes and you are finished.

Just right for grabbing and maybe a suck.  Who needs a paci when you have a Bunny Grabbit?  

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